Microsoft Could Introduced New Windows 10 Update In Upcoming Weeks
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Microsoft is going to unveil the windows 10 update here is the detail article about it:

Microsoft Could Introduced New Windows 10Update In Upcoming Weeks:

The Annual Developer conference will be held by Microsoft, it will be Microsoft Build Conference as soon as next month. The event will be handled by Redmond – based company, the company arranges the events to show new innovation which will be coming in Windows 10 Update, Microsoft Operating system. The windows 10 update may come with the popular Microsoft Surface –Branded Product.

Microsoft will introduce the latest update to Windows 10 in upcoming few weeks.

The Redmond-based company will be doing Microsoft annual developer conference, The Microsoft Build, initial of this next month.

The Redmond Company will be using this event to showcase a number of the innovations introduced to its Windows 10 operating system.

The Microsoft Build 2018 is primarily a developer conference, and it’s really important, it’s an opportunity for Microsoft to give the community a brief information about some of the most needed changes to be shown.

You may see the Microsoft will be offering third-party developers a chance to see the new Microsoft Fluent Design System at the time of launch, in windows 10 update you could see more applications would be available and can be adopted later in the year.


Although, the Redmond-based company was forced by Microsoft to organize the event earlier as possible on its latest Windows 10 update earlier this month.

As Microsoft still not clear about the latest rollout of Windows 10 updates about creator update, soon it will be added later.

In windows 10 update you could see some interesting features later version it will include software features such as fluent design changes, HDR supports, dictation and many more features.

The surprising thing is that Microsoft also started testing the new update for Windows 10, the Redstone 5 it will available later for consumers this year only.

So are you excited for the new update? Obviously, everyone reply would be yes because Microsoft finally revealed plan for this year that what they have planned for the year of 2018.

You may see new Windows 10 update coming with tabbed apps feature which can be a quite interesting feature for its new version, it's about the Redstone 5 will unveil in the Microsoft build conference 2018.

The Build conference by Microsoft for this year it is a primary developer conference, its seem quite difficult to preview hardware part.

If we talk about recent conferences of Microsoft, there was a different kind of build conference organized by the Microsoft Company and also showcase the interest in hardware, although, in Microsoft build conference of 2015, HoloLens headset was introduced by this build conference in 2015.

There was some discussion about Cortana support for the Android device on Zhihu which you can call Chinese version of Quora, it was discussed by The Microsoft Asia Research Institute.

As according to reports there was a discussion and answer by the Microsoft engineers they said due to lack of permission the Android operating system they will be looking for performance on Cortana.   









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