10 Best Video Game Punishment Systems
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10 Best Video Game Punishmest Systems that worked Perfectly

11. Afterlife


Afterlife is a god game from 96 that was basically Sim Cityset in heaven in hell where you had to manage the different areas and make sure everything was functioning properly. A very original concept for game like SimCity the game features some cheats to help you keep things running smoothly and features its own equivalent of the fun cheat and this one is called the as you see the simple cheat. However, once again like Sim City if you use the cheat too many times the game will get fed up with not playing legit and it will spawn the Death Star to come in and destroy your creations.

10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

2015 RPG that is widely regarded as one of the best games ever made and features an extremely detailed open world for you to explore and interact with. One of the things you can do in the game’s world is raise animals and then use them for meat or materials and after the game came out some players figured out a x point that would pretty much make you filthy rich with no consequence. There are two cows and one of the stables that respawn in an hour if they are killed. If you knew this you could just kill the cows and use them for leather to sell and manipulate the game clock and you could just keep repeating the process until you had all the money you could ever want. Developer CD Projekt Red obviously weren’t a fan of this so they decided to have little fun with those that did it. Instead of just patching out the exploit they decided to roll out an update containing a brand new monster that would only spawn if the game detected you were doing the cow glitch. This monster was extremely tough to kill and if you manage to take it out another one would spawn right hit it when you finished it off. Essentially guaranteeing that you are going to die and some would say it serves you right for killing all of those cows.

9. Banjo Kazooie

Banjo Kazooie

Another classics rareware platformer. In a future two plethora of cheat codes that you could use to your advantage as did most games at the time but you had be careful using the higher tier Cheat Codes. There were plenty of regular less impactful codes you could use without consequence but if you managed to find the level skip code you had to be very carefully with your use, in fact, if you use the super powerful cheat codes too many times Gruntilda would pop out and tell you to stop and if you did it one more time after that she would just delete your save file.


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