Best Gaming Keyboards you can purchase today
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Looking for a Gaming Keyboard? This article has got you covered!

As Gaming evolved, keyboards have seen some significant evolution. Before you could find simple keyboards that irritated us whenever we typed by its click but in order to help gamers play without any problems, keyboard making companies developed keyboards that didn’t make noise or made low noise which wasn't-sufficient to disturb the gamer.

A keyboard is essential for gamers who prefer the combo of mouse and keyboard and most of the games are better when played via keyboard and mouse. For example DOTA 2, League of Legends, etc.

Gamers have their own choice of keyboards, some prefer RGB lighting Keyboards, while some prefer just a keyboard which doesn’t make noise, while some prefer both and some prefer the famous mechanical keyboards which are now getting cheaper. So, today we will focus on the Best Gaming Keyboards available.

The Keyboards mentioned are used by a lot of gamers and if you search on YouTube you’ll find plenty of reviews and here is the Keyboard that might satisfy your Gaming Keyboard Carvings.

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Hcman 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard

Hcman 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are getting quite cheaper as I said above and this keyboard is one of the cheapest Mechanical Keyboard you can ever purchase.

It’s made from Aluminium alloy panel, CK key switch with cherry MX stem and double-shot injection which is enough for the price you are paying.

Besides that, it also supports N-key rollover for gaming-mode and 9 different lighting modes.

Red Dragon K552

Red Dragon K552

If you watch YouTube revisers of this then you might already know that the K552 is hands down one of the best priced mechanical gaming keyboards available.

The company has given this keyboard their own custom mechanical switches and it’s a good switch to compare them to tactile-wise is the Cherry MX Green switches. You can also hear the audible click sound with these and they are considered to be medium resistance.

Redragon also gives you four backlighting options with theK552. You get a chance to choose from the red backlight, rainbow LED backlight, RGB backlight, or no backlight.

So, you can purchase anyone you want and if you want to save 10 to 20$ then no backlight will save some dollars for you



This keyboard is quite cool and its features are common with other gaming keyboards except that Zacro has a switch in the top middle allowing you to control and adjust the 7-color lighting of its LED brightness rather than game hood experience. 

The Keyboard’s key is made from plastic so it might make you feel little fragile but the look of the keyboard is quite expensive.

TeckNet Gryphongaming keyboard

TeckNet Gryphongaming keyboard

If you like keyboards which lets you programme G-key then your choice should be this keyboard why? Because this keyboard has 10Programmable G-Keys accompanied with multi-key input flexibility you require for your favorite MOBA, MMORPG games.

While the Gryphone is a rubber dome keyboard, in pure; so,it does not have a quality feel with its key presses. But it’s 3 adjustable LEDillumination is good for night time gaming.

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