Marvel games you should be playing in 2018
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The best Marvel android games finally revealed

Do you love gaming?

Are you a fan of the Marvel Universe that offers amazing Superheroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Antman, Deadpool, Spiderman, Thanos, etc.?

Well, we did a research on finding out the best Marvel Universe game you can play on your android phone in 2018.

Though there were many we shortlisted 3 best android games of Marvel in order to make it easier for Android gamers to download play easily.

Marvel has given us countless characters and some amazing games but not every game was able to make it on the list.

Though the other games are good too as these 3 are probably one of a kind game of Marvel that you just shouldn’t miss it.

Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight is an android game that was released on April 30, 2015, created by well-known company Net Marble.  

 Marvel future fight’s gameplay has been described as a dungeon crawler wherein you choose a team of 3 characters and later upgrade them by leveling up to become even more stronger. As for the controls, the players are given the option to use either virtual joystick and button controls or tap based controls. 

The player controls one character out of the team of 3 but can always interchange into another character present in his team and play as them the missions you play require energy which is gained when you level up your SHIELD base with the Shield XP, which you gain by in-game awards and achievements. 

There are many playable characters like the newly added Thanos, Antman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, GOTG, etc. 

So, Download Marvel future fight today and startling as it also delivers high-end graphics.

Spider man Unlimited

Spider man Unlimited

Spiderman has to be on the list as Gameloft has done a wonderful job in creating 3 beautiful Spiderman games that are still downloaded by many. Gameloft’s The Amazing Spiderman, and its sequel The Amazing Spiderman2 have been quite successful and also don’t forget the comic type yet a beautiful game called Spiderman unlimited. All the three own premium pricetags. Though the Spiderman series isn’t highly successful but the game is decent for you to play as we have a little bit of sarcasm and m99% of free swinging and action which makes the game fun. All the three Spiderman games have said to be amazing games and you should try them out today if you are a marvel geek like me!

Though there are many more Marvel games like Iron Man, Captain America, ultimate Alliance but those game might not appeal you a lot even I found Iron man 3 a little boring so it was discarded pretty early. Though the pc marvel games are a lot better but the android one’s offer pretty much up to the above average level.

Marvel Strike Force

 Marvel Strike Force

A squad-based superhero mobile Role-playing game set in the Marvel Universe. The character playable in the game are Ironman, Captain America, Spiderman, Venom, Black Widow, Star-lord and many more that make an appearance in the game. 

In order to defeat your enemies, you have to team up with SHIELD’S Nick Fury and take on the foes from the past, present and the future Marvel movies.

Developed by Fox Net Games, some of the game developers are Kabam team members, the team behind the $100 million in revenue in just 7 months by Marvel Contest of Champions. 

The team is also known for their games likeHobbit and this is their first project based in their new Los Angeles Studio.

 So, Go and download the top 3 Marvel games today and comment down your favorite Marvel game you play on your android. Also, don’t forget to check out the best DC android games if you also a fan of DC universe. 


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