Top 4 Games you should be Live streaming today if you are a YouTube Gamer!
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If you are a gamer who plays games and are wishing to showcase your gaming talent to the world YouTube is the best way to communicate with the mass. But not every game you play will be watched and in order to get viewers watch you play there are certain games that are currently very popular and playing those can get you millions of viewers because there are over 8 Billion people out of which 100 Million consists of gamers and rest others are viewers so today, I’m going to tell you about top 4 games that you should live stream for increasing your audience on your YouTubeGaming Channel.

1. God Of War (PS4)

1. God Of War (PS4)

Recently released this game has been making records on YouTube as various gamers have already uploaded gameplays and have earned over millions of views in hours.

God of War is a popular game that has been dominating the gaming world since it’s first release in 2006. Telling the Tale of Kratos, a Spartan God who goes against the Gods and becomes the God of War betraying his father Zeus and now in this latest installment, Kratos goes on an adventure with his Son, Atreus teaching him about the ways and how to survive in this world.

2. Attack on Titan 2

2. Attack on Titan 2

Though the game was released before God of War this game is still the best action hack and slash games. Viewers will definitely love seeing you slash some Titans and be brave because this game is about survival and also adds story elements in it.

Create your own character and interact with the original manga characters as the story goes.

The game is quite enjoyable and you can also play co-op with your subscribers who own the game. 

Be ready to slash abnormal insanely huge Titans in this game.

3. Fortnite

PUBG’s rival competitor this game has become insanely popular because most of the gamers today are streaming this game on YouTube. Some players have even become expert in this game and if you are an expert or just want to show off your aiming and killing skills then start streaming this game today. YouTubers like Ninja, UNQ Gamer have already achieved many subscribers and viewers because viewers are crazy about this game and seeing other people playing it they are kind of enjoying it too.

4. Player’sUnknown Battlegrounds aka PUBG

PUBG, since it’s release, has been the most played game. One surely cannot miss this game and be streaming this game will get you subscribers and viewers to as long as you can do commentary. Be alerted and yeah you can also team up with your subscribers and win the game.This game is a rival competitor of Fortnite. Also, if you love FPS games you should definitely try out this game.

So, here are the best 4 games you should stream today for getting viewers on your gaming channel.

Also, don’t forget to comment your favorite game below and what games are you streaming today?


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