Top 5 Android Parkour Games for Parkour Lovers
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Love Parkour? Here's our Android Edition of games that include Parkour

There are various types of gamers like Console gamers, Steam gamers and then comes Android gamers. The gaming market has focused on numerous platforms while developing games and android is not a kid yet, Android gaming has increased a lot due to development of gaming phones like the Razor phone which leads the companies to develop various games and in different genres created Parkour aka free running can be said to be really popular because people love doing tricks in the game and here are our top 5 Android parkour picks and don't forget to check out top 5 pc parkour games that you should play if own a PC.

1. Parkour Simulator 3D

1.	Parkour Simulator 3D

This ranks No.1 because the game itself is made only forParkour lovers. The game has advanced, and smooth graphics which utilizes various motion blur with greatness. Experience breathtaking emotions and master parkour tricks. Become a real master and show your freestyle!

Get into the medieval period as Downward is a first-person open-world parkour-based platform adventure set in the medieval ruins of post-apocalyptic planet Earth. Make your way through breath-taking landscapes, face ancient guardians and unravel the profound mystery that lies behind the disappearance of humanity.

3. RunBot

3. RunBot

When this game was released, it was downloaded by people instantly because this game has some fantastic graphics and you control a robot whose goal is to run and run. As Runbot, you'll have to run, race, flip and fly around a never-ending and always changing series of obstacles. Tilt n Touch gameplay swipe the screen to guide Robot while he runs, then tilt your device to move in flying Jetpack mode!

4. Shadow Runner

4. Shadow Runner

Do you love silhouette games then here is the new silhouette environment which requires your deep attention for running through the hurdles on the way besides collecting coins and using your parkour moves for jumping over the rooftops? Run over an endless unique track with different obstacle placement, every time you replay any of the game levels.

5. Vector

5.  Vector

Who doesn’t know about this amazing game? Vector has been downloaded by millions of player and people have even purchased the premium version which offers complete game mode, unlike the free version which is limited. Vector is an exciting, arcade-style game featuring you as the exceptional free runner who won’t be held down by the system. Run, vault, slide and climb using extraordinary techniques based on the urban ninja sport of Parkour all while being chased by Big Brother whose sole purpose is to capture you and bring you back.


So, these were our top 5 android parkour picks. Tell us about your favorite parkour pick which should have been on this list and also doesn't forget to check out top 5 pc parkour games that you should play if own a PC.


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