Anthem Dev responded to fans queries on Weapons Progression and PC Port
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Anthem Dev Assures PC Version Will Be Fine, Weapon Progression System Will Be A Mix of Different Styles

Anthem dev Brendon Holmes gave some answers to fans about the game on Reddit. He responded to a question about the IPs PC port and weapons progression system.

Holmes, however, says the game’s PC version is constantly being worked on over at BioWare, implying that it’s not just going to be a throwaway port of the game’s console version. “Let me put it another way then…everyone is constantly developing on the PC platform,” he stated.

Another question which was put up by a fan was on weapon progression in the game; whether weapons would rely on stats or whether they would get better with more use (weapons that level up, essentially). The former mode of progression seems like a staple with MMOs, but we don’t know if BioWare is taking the true MMO route. Whatever the case, it looks like we’ll be witnessing a hybrid of the two systems.

“One advantage to having a more static model is that it’s a lot easier to entice players into different styles of gameplay,” said Holmes. “You find something new, it’s more powerful than what you have… you’re likely to give it a go! Alternatively, with things that grow in power over time/usage… you tend to get a lot more attached to the items you have. They start to form part of the identity of your character. A lot of it depends on what the progression goals are with a given system. Currently we’re doing both styles (for different areas of progression).”

For Now, we can only speculatewhether port will arrive at the same time as console versions, among many other things.

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