Anthem: Everything we know so far
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In Anthem™, a new shared-world action-RPG from EA's BioWare studio, team up with friends as Freelancers—the bold few with the courage to leave civilization behind and explore a landscape of primeval beauty.

10: What Anthem Is?

The developers have said that the world of Anthem is more like Star Wars than Mass Effect, in that there will be a lot of science-magic stuff going on, but there will be little in the way of explanation. So, with that in mind, we can think of Anthem as more science-fantasy rather than science fiction game. Bioware’s general manager even said, quote, Anthem “is much more about just having fun in a game world that is really lush and exotic and really sucks you in”.

9: Anthem’s World

In Anthem, you play as a freelancer, like the Guardians of destiny, who are heroes who basically journey out into the unknown in robot suits called Javelins, taking on tasks assigned to them, and pick up any loot and resources they find along the way. And, that loot is brought back to Fort Tarsus, which will serve as the main hub of the game. The fort is protected by what the denizens of Anthem’s world call The Wall, which keeps the enemies out. It’s not complicated and if you have played Destiny, you know what you are getting with this formula.

8: Possible VR Mode

The picture in question shows a BioWare party in which a cubicle wall in the back appears to have the words “Anthem VR” on the side.


7: Anthem is not an RPG

Developers have mentioned again and again that Anthem is not an RPG. That’s not to say there will be no role playing elements in the game, Bioware is the developer after all, but EA’s own CEO has stressed over and over again that, quote, “Anthem is being created as an action-adventure, not RPG.”

Since it’s not and RPG, then what this game is all about? Well, here’s another Destiny comparison for you, but it is being billed as an online shared world shooter. Going by statements, expect less role-playing and more focus on combat. 

6: Events

Destiny has its public events, and it is likely that Bioware will reintroduce that concept into Anthem. One of the Dynamic events we know about, just going off the trailer, is what’s called a Shaker, which, judging by what the players do after they see it, requires more than a two-person team to take on. You can see one of the Freelancers dive into the eye of the storm and comment, “” see you on the other side,” which doesn’t sound all that positive. Some journalists and players are guessing you’ll be transported through to a different dimension, or at least a different place, but we will just see when the game releases.

5: The Loot

According to the trailer, the weapons in Anthem will be leveled. As you can see, the big Javelin Known as the colossus is shown throwing mortars at enemies called scars, after the battle ends, the player picks up a weapon called Jorra’s Wrath, which looks to be a volt rifle. It’s description shows us that it has individual statistics for damage, range, accuracy, ate of fire, and ammunition and then, up top, it shows that the weapon’s item level is 35. So, think Borderlands, where you have to be a certain level to use certain weapons, or it might just be a way to gauge rarity, or both. 

4: More Online Features

Developers claim that Anthem will have more online features than any other of their games. What this means for players is two things: one, it has you excited for the prospect of another Destiny type game, or two, you just wish Bioware would focus on single-player experiences rather than trying to make everything online. But, whichever category you fall into, it’s a shared world game. We don’t know exactly what kind of online features the game will have, so just expect live service updates and features added t the game throughout its lifecycle. 

3: Release Date

Anthem got delayed into next year in a move by EA that looks like the publisher is trying to avoid the mistake it made with Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, which caused the sequel to Titanfall to not sell very well, despite it being a critical success. The next Battlefield is coming this year and EA seems to not want to compete against itself with their new IP versus their tried and true military shooter. EA’s Blake Jorgensen is saying that this is not a delay and, quote, people are just trying to make a story.

2: Made for the Xbox One X

 Game is reportedly tailored to play on the Xbox one X. Where Activision is going all in on the PlayStation platform, it looks like EA is embracing the Microsoft Console. This is also due to the fact that it was revealed on the Xbox One X back at E3 in 2017 and other EA fames, like the aforementioned Battlefield 1 have partnered with Xbox. The graphics, admittedly, look gorgeous, and this is all possible due to the Xbox One X’s checkerboard rendering. If anything, one of the selling points of this game will be the graphics because they are something to behold. 

1: Micro Transactions

The loot box system might be more like Overwatch, where it is mainly cosmetic items. It would be as safe and smart move by EA if they were to do this since everyone in the gaming community no longer trusts the company at all. 

Even further, fans were already turned off by EA’s treatment of Mass Effect, so if they are going to have any hope of good consumer relations going forward, this is a move they need to make. 

Are you Hyped For Anthem ?

Are you Hyped For Anthem ?


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