Anthem Release date revealed might clash with Microsoft's Crackdown 3
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"Mark the date 22.2.2019"

Anthem takes the stage at EA Play as host Andrea Rene welcomes BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson, Executive Producer Mark Darrah, and Lead Writer Cathleen Rootsaert to show off the new trailer and a look at some of the combat gameplay.

EA held a press conference for Anthem where various details about Anthem was revealed and today we have covered the whole conference in short as we share you the main things of the conference.

The game is an Open World action adventure shared game not an MMO or Multiplayer but a shared world though you have the option to play Solo you might get into trouble as you can play with friends to unlock things and finish missions at faster rates.


“Anthem is a shared world”, says Mark Darrah, Executive producer of Anthem.

“Anthem’s storyline can be increased as long as gamers enjoy the game as we can add new mission, deepen the storyline by mass and create something mysterious for players to find”, says Writer  Cathleen Rootsaert


Anthem is a game developed by Bioware which has created quite a hype and now that it has got its release date we can wait for no longer to play the game as the gameplay looks surprisingly more amazing as we look at it.

You can do a lot of things in Anthem from Swimming to flying to customizing your Suits or change suits or kill monsters, beasts and defeat your enemy Ancient Rival Dominion who have found a way to weaponize Anthem of creation and also you have to free the people of Tarsi’s and save yourself from getting killed by the world.


There are over four Javelins (Suits are named as Javelin) which are equipped with unique abilities making them exciting to play with. The Four Javelins are Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor. You can play as any of the Javelin depending on your mood and the mission which means you can equip any suit with ease,

The ranger is a generalized suit which is better in personal one on one combat being able to fly at faster speeds it can do a lot of things and terrorize the beasts from the sky whereas the Colossus is a massive beastlike Javelin equipped with heavy artillery and machines that can terrorize land opponents with ease. The Colossus plays better on the ground as it’s equipped with heavy machines and shield too to bash into the enemies.

Though not much was revealed about the Interceptor and Storm but we can guess that the Storm and the Interceptor will be pretty awesome too as we can see them in action in the gameplay shown in the EA Play PressConference.

The game date was later revealed and it might be clashing with Microsoft’s Crackdown as it’s rumored release date is also in February so, we might see some good fight but looks like Anthem might just win this andCrackdown 3 might suffer though we cannot know it now but let’s see what happens.


Anthem will be releasing on 22 February 2019, so get a job and earn some cash and tell your friends to do the same and go on an adventure on 22 February 2019 with all your friends.

The gameplay seems a promising one and I’m really loving the graphics of the game as they look so amazing. Well, I cannot wait for the game to release anymore!


Also, Darksiders 3 is releasing on 31st December 2018, so earn extra dollars for that game too.

Check out the gameplay and conference here:


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