Battlefield 1’s first DLC is free for a limited time
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Battlefield 1 is surely doing great in the market and now the players who have digital or physical copy of the game for the Xbox One, PC or the PlayStation 4, can have its first DLC expansion, “They Shall Not Pass,” for absolutely free of cost until May 15.

The price will again go to $15 after May 15. Four maps are being added to “They Shall Not Pass” DLC with the Trench Raider elite class, six unlockable weapons,two more Operations and the Frontlines mode.The DLC can be claimed on Xbox One through the Xbox Marketplace, and for PC through Origin.

“They Shall Not Pass” is over a year old, followed by three more extensions,ending with “Apocalypse” in February. And it is obvious that most of the players should have it but it looks like EA wants the players to have it who have not downloaded it.  In June EA will  bring anew mode called Shock Operations. That will make five maps currently available only as premium DLC available to all players, but only in that mode.



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