Battlefield V Trailer Reveal a Disappointment?
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Single women reveal aroused handful of bastard fans.

Battlefield V Trailer Reveal a Disappointment?

Battlefield V Trailer Reveal a Disappointment?

If you missed the Battlefield V live reveal yesterday, EA and Dice revealed the trailer for their upcoming game Battlefield V putting a focus on women’s this time and now a handful of fans are aroused as females are included in the game.

Some fragile fans have become concerned about historical-accuracy saying, “including females isn’t correct. History should be accurate”.

Some fans are saying you should have read the book before making a WWII setting.

Some fans even commented, “Please Keep women out of my games”

So, they mean that battlefield is their game and not the company?

Fans are aroused just because women were included in a wargame but they haven’t yet noticed that women had always played a major role in war though they never had the chance of enjoying fame unlike man’s who received fame. Women’s were concerned only working without any fame they preferred being away from fame rather than being a dickhead and riding on their fame.

Even on twitter the hashtag-- #NotMyBattlefield is trending and users are shrieking about political accuracy.

Even I’m aroused by such fans like why the hell do you have a problem? You can just play as a male soldier rather than playing as a female. Gaming today is not just limited to boys, gaming has expanded to even females. Major female gamers are dominating the world of gaming by winning trophies and tournaments which is unseen by such idiotic fans.

“Hey...good job making a shitty unrealistic SJW ‘WWII game!” Twitted one guy. “Seen the downvotes on your YouTube trailer video? You have until October to fix this shit and give us a realistic gritty WWII experience.” “Very disappointed with the new Battlefield trailer,” wrote another. “Blatant disregard for historical events and mindless political correctness. Sad to see a much-loved franchise fall apart.” Even on YouTube and the game subreddit isn’t in good position. People are commenting their monist view disregarding women by complaining. “Gender field V,” while another person whines about “gender fluid mouth breathers in Sweden [shitting] out a revisionist-history SJW game shitting on everything people like my grandpa fought for.”

It’s quite funny to think that any war-related game is based on 100% accuracy. The game creators weren’t present at the time of war and even some accounts have spread false news. Some accounts even stated that Germany was the one who won the WWII while another says Germany lost. Now, who will you believe?

And if you think women never worked during the war then you are absolutely wrong and you need to google “Role of Women in WWII” because women have played various roles. Some played as a sniper and some were given the title like “NightWitches”. Women’s have served into the military, they were also a part of maintaining military weapons, building explosives, manufacturing, and maintenance of warplanes, some played a role as a comfort woman while some even dived into the battlefield and killed countless enemy soldiers. Women’s like Nancy WakeLyudmilaPavlichenko are hailed as the most successful female sniper in history and one of them is credited with deadly 309 kills.

According to report 350,000 women served in theU.S. Armed Forces during the WWII. Wanda Gertz began her military career during World War I and later commanded an all-female battalion during World War II. An appearance of just a single British woman in the games reveal trailer has Battlefield players so riled up is willful ignorance that such a role could have ever existed in history.

This ugly, familiar line of thinking reared its head before when DICE put a black man on the cover of their first game Battlefield 1.

Tweeting or running a barrage of tweets with#NotMyBattlefield won’t do a shit because the game has already been made and women’shave already been included and it’s not the fans who decide who will be in the game or not. It’s the game developers, the makers, the directors and producers who will decide who to include or not.

After seeing the negative comments and negative reaction over the female reveal Battlefield V executive producer Aleksander Grøndal said, “DICEis more concerned with fun than authenticity”.


Battlefield V comes out on October 19 and is available for pre-order now and there’s good news for the fans. The game will provide free updates in future and there’s isn’t any premium or deluxe version for the game. The future update will be provided for free and yeah you can enjoy your Single player-campaign unlike COD Black Ops 4 who ditched it.

In case you haven't watched the trailer yet :


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