Best ever gaming Smartphone, Asus ROG
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Most powerful ever mobile phone, Asus ROG comes with its own dedicated CPU cooler add-on among other awesome accessories.

Asus has just unveiled what could be the greatest gaming phone yet. Asus claims that its ROG phone is the fastest phone with a snapdragon 845 clocked at 2.9 GHz rather than meager 2.8 you get with most of phones with the same chip. As for the screen we got a tool 6 inch full HD plus HDR AMOLED display which is really cool.

 Design wise the phone is clearly inspired by the ROG gaming monitors. With this phone Asus, as it implies is definitely going for a Gamer Audience.

 As per size the ROG is similar to the 1 plus 6 but a bit thicker which makes it a bit heavier but comfortable to hold. Asus has put its best into this phone, its ip68 water-resistant, and 2 USB ports a normal one on the bottom and an additional one on the side.

The second USB does the trick. You can either charge the phone using it or attach a ROG accessory. One of these accessories is Arrow Active cooler which comes bundled with the phone itself. Yes, the ROG phone has its own dedicated modular fan add-on to keep it from getting hot while gaming.

The phone will perform just quite well without it but for longer stretches just dock the slim fan and you’re good to go. In ROG phone you can actually adjust the fan speed in the phone’s very own game center app.

There’s also a controller dock if you prefer gaming with physical buttons. And a nifty desktop dock add-on so you can just drop the phone and connect your desktop and play the game.

There is a twin view dock which has a second screen built in so just pop in and you’re phone and you basically got yourself a Nintendo DS style setup.

The phone’s got a 90Hz refresh rate as compared to the usual 60Hz which make from scrolling the tabs to opening and playing games all the more smoother. This doesn’t match the 120Hz of Razor but has a much lower 1 millisecond response time. As expected the phone got a pretty hefty battery as well with 4000mAh to make you last longer in your game.

There is a dual camera set up with a 12 megapixel main lens and a second 8 megapixel wide-angle lens.

 It’s good to see that more and more companies are taking mobile gaming seriously and with this, Asus is not messing around.   


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