Blizzard Are "Constantly In Discussions" With Microsoft & Sony Regarding Cross-Play
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Overwatch's game director recently discussed the concept of Cross-Play and revealed that Blizzard are actively trying to make it a reality.

It looks like Blizzard’s game director Jeff Kaplan and company are looking into the possibilities of cross-play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners for the game.

Blizzard is one of those hopeful studios as Kaplan revealed that the studio is actively in discussion with Sony and Microsoft regarding the concept.

This comes from a recent report via Eurogamer, in which Kaplan spoke at great length about the game. But when the subject of cross-play came up, he was surprisingly open about it.

“We're super-excited about what's going on with cross-play in all sorts of different games, from Rocket League to Fortnite, and we are constantly in discussions with the first-parties, Microsoft and Sony, to see where they're at and gauge where their temperature is at,” Kaplan explained. “It's something that would be very exciting for us to pursue.”

As for progress on Overwatch having cross-play, he simple noted, “We are definitely having conversations that we're interested in the thought of it. It's very complicated -- from a technology standpoint, a game design standpoint, and from a business relationship standpoint.

“But we would be excited to tackle all of those challenges; we would love to try. We're gamers; ‘Why can't my buddies on this system or that system play together?’ We sympathize with that, we want to be able to do that too.”

The full interview  can be found here, in which Kaplan talks about long-term goals for the game, as well as what we should be seeing next.


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