Crackdown 3 delayed?
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One more release date delay and Crackdown 3 might end up as a failure...

Microsoft is known for releasing potential titles and seems like Crackdown 3 which has a lot of potentials might be delayed again according to Forbes report.

Crackdown 3 was announced back in 2014 and was slated to be released by the end of 2016 but then Microsoft made an announcement that it will be delaying it by 2017 and in2017, Microsoft announced that the release date is pushed to 2018, and now that we are in 2018, there are reports saying that Crackdown 3 is getting another delay and is slated to be released in early 2019 which means it might be competing against Bethesda’s Anthem game whose release is also delayed to early 2019.

Bethesda’s Anthem is quite big though Microsoft’s Crackdown 3 has a lot of potentials both of them are released together then we might see a fight against them both.

The previous two Crackdown games failed to shine a light and prove their potentials though they had a lot of potentials but mistakes are meant to happen as it’s developed by Humans so, that’s quite negotiable since not every game can be as perfect other.

If you don’t remember then here’s a quick info on both the games that might face each other as they are slated to be released in early 2019

Bethesda’s Anthem is an open-world action role-playing multiplayer game where the gamer leaves an organization to explore the surroundings wearing a special suit which is called Javelins that gives them superhuman abilities and the suit is known as Exosuits can be customized to include weapons like guns etc.

Microsoft’s Crackdown 3 is also an open world multiplayer game where the gamer takes the role of a superpowered agent who has to defeat and dismantle Terra Nova using any method. The player can also ride vehicles in the game which was notpossible in previous Crackdown games.

Though the game’s trailers and gameplayshas been released but if the release date is delayed any further the fans mightjust go for another game as Crackdown 3 is being delayed since past 2 years andwhat Microsoft is doing Behind the scenes is still unknown. Though the game isn’tat the level of Halo or Gears of War, the game still has its moment to shinebut seems like the moment is getting smaller and it might even disappear alittle later if Microsoft keeps delaying the game anymore.

Currently, the release date is set in February 2019, but it’s just a rumor whether the game will be released in Feb 2019.

Even if it’s shown in the E32018, Microsoft will have a hard time generating excitement for the game due to its delay though we can always wish for a miracle that the game would go far beyond our expectation or Microsoft might wind it up as superpowered battle royale in Fortnite style, maybe?


As for the graphics the game has graphics similar to that of Fortnite, the cartoonish graphics but the graphics of Anthem are just way too surreal.

Microsoft this year might face a huge competition as its competitor Sony has already released some big games like God of War and Detroit: Become Human. With Forza, Microsoft might not be able to gain an upper hand asSony is about to release Insomniac’s Spiderman. We might also get new games this holiday season by Sony, though it’s not yet confirmed and Sony doesn’t even have to release new games as Sony’s God of War has been dominating charts andYouTube.

Even, Nintendo might become a strong competitor for Microsoft as Nintendo will also be releasing some big games like new Pokémon games which have created a spree in the gaming community and this puts pressure on Microsoft at E3.


So, what do you think about?

Will, Microsoft have some good reveals at E3 or will it face difficulties which is quite likely?



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