'Cyberpunk 2077' will be “as Refined as Red Dead Redemption 2”
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We hope they will achieve the visuals without making the game buggy like The Wither 3: Wild Hunt

No doubt Red Dead Redemption 2 has set a bench mark for all other games and CD Projekt RED is also aiming to launch its most awaited Cyberpunk 2077 “as Refined as Red Dead Redemption 2”.

 Speaking to brokerage house Vestor DM, CD Projekt RED revealed that they are working on getting as much polish in Cyberpunk as there was for Red Dead Redemption 2.

“Without a doubt, quality is of paramount importance. We strive to publish games which are as refined as Red Dead Redemption 2, and recent Rockstar releases in general. That game is excellent, by the way, we are rooting for it. Rave reviews, excellent sales. What does that teach us? Well, it teaches us that we need to publish extraordinary games and that’s exactly what we are planning. Gamers, it seems, tend to focus more and more on hit releases. There’s only so much time one can devote to video games, and while the gaming community is growing, time cannot be stretched. There is – well, maybe not a surfeit, but a fair deal of good games out there, and playing them consumes a lot of time. So it pays to be among the best – that’s how you get a nice fat slice of cake, businesswise, and the same cannot be said for the lower leagues. In summary, we are rooting for Rock Star and for Red Dead Redemption 2, and we’re happy to see that excellent games continue to sell well.” Adam Kiciński (CEO)

Adam Kiciński also provided an update on development, mentioning that progress on Cyberpunk 2077  is “fast and according to plan,” and the intention is to “deliver something of great quality.”

“We are fleshing out the game world. The comment regarding the game’s campaign, yes, it was true at the time it appeared, however not all of the game looked like the fragments showcased at E3 and gamescom; a large part was not quite as detailed. We are filling the world with content and tweaking things, and this involves a great deal of hard work on the part of developers. What I can say today is that we’re progressing fast and according to plan. When we finish, there’s also the hugely important phase of polishing all that game content. There was a question about the quality of the game we plan to deliver at launch and our intention is to deliver something of great quality. Once the game is complete, we can begin to patch various bugs, both major and minor, and we are setting aside time to complete this process.”

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens -- and more importantly, when it gets a release date. Whenever it does come out, Cyberpunk 2077 will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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