Dev's response to Anthem delay rumors
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Devs responds to the long prevailing rumors about Anthem being delayed again

Anthem’s executive producer has cleared up rumors about a potential delay and said the release date has not changed.


A Reddit user posted a rumor that Bioware’s new installment might be delayed. Prediction about Sony being absent on next year’s E3 which came out to be true made the Redditor a reliable source and was showered with questions relating the insight and source of information.


When a discussion sprout out about the release of  games like Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part II would release for either the PlayStation 4 or the PlayStation 5 or both, the user responded to say they’d heard Electronic Arts was testing Anthem on PlayStation 5 dev kits. Further he added the game was a mess on this console and will be delayed again.


Another user responded to that comment with a screenshot from a conversation where Anthem’s lead producer Ben Irving saying the idea the game would be delayed again was “not a thing.”


The response was supported by Anthem’s executive producer Mark Darrah who tweeted on November 19th to say the release date for the game is still February 22nd.


The redditor than accused Electronic Arts “wants it out before their earning report in March” and implied that was all that mattered to the company, not if the game was actually ready or not.


But the devs confirmed the release date to be 22nd February 2019.    


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