Dragon Ball Z’s Goku coming to Super Smash Bros.
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Super Smash Bros. is coming to Nintendo Switch and fans have asked for Goku to join the game. This request is not a new phenomenon as fans originally asked Goku to join Super Smash Bros. back in 2006. But this time not only fans requested for Goku.

Funimation has stepped in and Tweeted at Nintendo of America as to when Goku might appear in a Super Smash Bros. game.

This is markedly different from fan petitions, as Funimation is directly tied to the rights of Dragon Ball outside of Japan. So if Nintendo were to follow this up, Funimation would be able to pave the way when it came to licensing related discussions.

 The company created a mock-up image with “A new foe has appeared!” and Goku’s silhouette, and noted, “Hey, Nintendo. When’s our boy Goku going to join the fight?” You can see the tweet below.

This is by no means a confirmation – at least, not yet, as the Smash team hasn’t said anything. But we have seen characters join the game in the past without missing a beat, including Street Fighters Ryu, Final Fantasy’s Cloud and gun-toting witch Bayonetta.

The Super Smash Bros. games already have lots of different crossover characters, so adding Goku wouldn’t break any precedents. The only real roadblock to getting Goku into these games would be to do with licenses and Funimation is one of the main Western license holders, so the only real delay here is on Nintendo’s side.


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