Drake breaks Twitch record
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Drake teams up with another player and broke Twitch record

After breaking records in music industry Drake is trying out his hand at gaming industry.

One of the best rapper in the world the smash hit DRAKE is playing Fortnite another smash hit in the world of gaming on twitch. Twitch is the streaming service that lets you watch other people playing video games .With a great Twitch streamer NINJA.

The game play broke the record of most viewers with currently over 500,000 people watching completely smashing the previous record of 400,000 viewers. Drake said on stream he'd been playing Fortnite for a month or two. As he has been watching NINJA on on Instagram and on YouTube. 

Drake and his team play Fortnite in the studio to take a break from the hectic 20 hour recording. Isn’t this a perfect way relax and have fun and at the same time break records.

Well this has proved beneficial for the Fortnite itself, owing to the popularity of Drake the event has given the game an edge against its competitors  one of which is the online hunk PUBG.  


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