Far Cry 5 will have Microtransactions but Only for Cosmetic Items
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Far Cry Dev talks about Microtransactions

Far Cry 5 is releasing this month on March 27th and new news has become a controversy for the game i.e. Far Cry 5 indeed has microtransactions in it.

According to the game's Executive Producer (via GameSpot), Dan Hay, Far Cry 5 will be generous in what it offers, but will allow players to speed up progress by spending money if that is what they desire.

We've set the game up to be generous," Hay said. "We've set the game up so...nothing is locked [away]. You can go out and explore, and the game will reward you for your exploration."

Players need not to worry as about what kind of microrransactions items will be included in the game and will they affect the gameplay. The publishers have confirmed that the microtransaction items will be cosmetic only and they will not affect the gameplay.

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