For Honor will be free to play next month
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For Honor will be free to play May 3-6 on Xbox, PS4 and PC

Have you ever tried For Honor? No! Well Ubisoft brings on its official blog has announced For Honor will be free to play May 3-6 on Xbox, PS4 and PC. The game will give you access to full game, including all multiplayer modes, with training mode and the 12-hero roster.

The company noted in its post, “If you're a new player, the free weekend is the perfect opportunity to try out For Honor and experience more than a year's worth of updates and free content all at once. Experienced players have reason to celebrate the free weekend as well, with the return of the Warrior Training Program. The initiative will reward existing players who group up with free weekend players for five matches together with two weeks of Champion Status, a perk which usually costs 8,000 steel that boosts your XP, loot, and salvage gains following each match.

“Following the implementation of dedicated servers earlier this year, For Honor recently launched a brand new training mode. The new mode gives players a more robust way to hone their skills for the battlefield, with new tutorials and challenges meant to teach beginners and veterans alike.”

During the free weekend Ubisoft will also bring the Warrior Training Program which will reward existing and new players who work together.


The “Warrior Training Program” is an updated system we are pleased to introduce exclusively during the Free Weekend period on all platforms, from May 3rd @ 5PM (UTC) to May 6th @ 8PM (UTC).

Grouping up is a unique way to experience the world of For Honor and a great opportunity to share techniques. As a seasoned warrior, complete 5 matches while grouped with Free Weekend players (who does not own the game) within the aforementioned event timeframe to win a 2-week Champion Status!

  • Free weekend players who do not own the game can also group up to be eligible for the reward. You are eligible if you already own the game or not!
  • As grouping is the key of this program, only 2v2 and 4v4 game modes are applicable in PvP   PvAI.
  • Reward is eligible in all the game regions where the game is available.

An email will confirm your the 2-week Champion Status reward. Free Weekend players will also have the reward granted to their Ubisoft account and made available the next time they connect to the game (through purchase or through any possible future free play initiatives).


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