Fortnite battle royale made its way to Mobile world
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Thursday a rather lazy day lit every mobile gamer’s face up by the evening when Epic Games surprised everyone by announcing the launch of the multiplayer hunk Fortnite Battle Royale is heading to iOS and Android.

Epic games assured that the game will be no different from the PC and Console version “same gameplay, same map, same content, same weekly updates”.  Interestingly, player on various platforms will compete in the same battlefield. So mobile players will be able to compete against PS4, PC and Mac players via Cross Play. “We believe this is the future of games. The same game on all platforms. Console quality graphics and action. Play when you want, where you want,” Epic Games said on its website.

Everyone’s eyes bulged out of their heads when Epic games announced the wait won’t be long to see the game on Android and IOS. 

“Starting Monday, March 12, sign-up at for the Invite Event on iOS,” says the Fortnite team. “Email invites will start rolling out soon thereafter. When you are invited, you will receive an email with a link to download the game from the App Store. If you don’t receive an invite right away, don’t worry. We’ll be adding more players regularly over the coming months.” Android support will be added “in the next few months” as well.

Well Epic Games did not stop here, if you’re invited to participate, you’ll also receive friend invite codes to share with friends .

But minimum requirement to participate in the invite test is users must have compatible Apple devices running iOS 11. Users must have at least an iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or any of the 2017 models of the iPad. Epic Games didn’t give out any more details regarding the Android version of “Fortnite Battle Royale.”


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