Fortnite inspired NBA player's shoes
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Fortnite on Basketball Court

After JJ Watt , Josh Hart of Las Angeles Lakers has shown his love for Fornite. Josh Hart, a guard is apparently a big fan of the Battle Royale game. His passion and love for the game is noticed by many spectators and one of them was Los Angeles native artist Salvador Amezcua.

 Salvador, known better as ‘Kickstradomis’, makes his living applying his artistic talent to shoe customization and many of his customers include NBA players, like Josh Hart. He created a customized pair of Nike Kobe sneakers for Hart. The shoes are very vivid and brightly colored, much like the game, and depict a variety of awesome features. There can be a picture of Hart if he had been Fortnite character and a line that claims “Eliminated By JoshHartNova.” Kickstradomis decided to hand deliver the custom shoes to Josh at his home where he, unsurprisingly, was playing Fortnite.

Josh wore his new Fortnite shoes during warmup of the Lakers’ February 24 matchup against the Sacramento Kings. However, it is not clear whether he wore that shoes in the game itself as NBA rules might not allow it, but either way, he scored 10 points in the game.

Fortnite on Basketball Court


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