Fortnite's Invite-Only iOS Version topped App Store
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Quite a remarkable performance

Fortnite popularity is going sky high these days and today mobile edition of Fortnite was launched for iOS through an invite-only beta, and it's already topping the charts.

The mobile version currently marked first position at the top of the Free Apps chart for games onthe App Store in few hours with fierce competition already in place. It's are markable achievement considering you need an invite to get in. It's not immediately clear if this is the first time an invite-only game has reached No.1.

 Players will get sent an email with the official download link included, which will give the option of grabbing the App.

 For those who missed out, more opportunities will be coming soon, while friends who did manage to get in should be able to provide a code to those they want to invite.

Meanwhile, a new 3.3 update has launched for the console and PC game that adds a new item, remote explosives, and more.  Additionally, an update is launching tomorrow on PC that fixes a crash scenario. The game's popularity got another jolt this week when famous rapper Drake played the game during a record-breaking Twitch stream.


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