God Eater 3 confirmed for PS4 and PC
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Bandai Namco confirms God Eater 3 in special livestream

Bandai Namco held a special livestream to celebrate its 8th anniversary of their -apocalyptic high-speed hunting action game series, God Eater. Bandai Namco announced that this year God Eater 3 would be coming to PS4 and Steam. However the game will be releasing for Japan only and no official date has been given.

You can see watch the God Eater 3 trailer in the video below at 19:22where we can see that the protagonist is not alone as they are accompanied by their close friend Hugo Pennywort. The new game’s story will feature a major event happening in an area they call the “Ash Region” where all of the structures affected by it were basically reduced to ash. The only people who survived this new phenomenon are called Adaptive God Eaters (AGE).

Yuya Tomiyama, God Eater 3 Producer, also provided  the world premiere gameplay footage of the game, which is available at 31:54. He shows the new types of weapons and Dual blades are the newest melee weapon type added, and they can launch a quick flurry of attacks. A new projectile weapon type has also been added in Ray Gun which let you shoot stream of laser by holding the attack button and laser will grow bigger the longer you shoot.

God Eater 3 is confirmed for PS4 and PC via Steam but no specified date has been provided.



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