‘God of War’ Director Is Working On Much Bigger Project
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Moon and WarCraft Director Duncan Jones recently had a chance to meet Cory Barlog for the first time and quite unexpectedly said that "if you think that God of War [2018] is his magnum opus, just you wait!"

This year God of War was a huge success and proved to be one of the best action games, thanks to director Cory Barlog who made this possible. But that’s not it, he is planning for something bigger.

Duncan Jones, the director who worked on movies like Warcraft and The Source Code recently met with Barlog to get Barlog's feedback on one of his scripts. And apparently during this conversation, Barlog shared some details on his own next project.

"If you think that God of War is his magnum opus, just you wait!" Jones wrote on Twitter (via ComicBook.com), presumably teasing Barlog's next project.

Barlog later quote-tweeted a news story about this with the shocked face emoji, to which Jones acknowledged his role in breaking the news that Barlog was making something new.

"I admit. I am the one who uncovered the scoop that @corybarlog has not retired!" he said.

Cory Barlog has also revealed that he would like to make a smaller project alongside GOW2 and it looks like Sony has greenlighted both of them, as Santa Monica is currently looking for Senior Control Designer, Senior Technical Animator, and many more. While nothing has been officially announced just yet, it looks like some people has already had a chance to take a look at at least one of those titles.

Neither Jones nor Barlog are saying, and probably won’t for some time, as whatever this project may be is still early in the works. But knowing how well God of Warturned out, it’s likely to shine just as brightly -- if not brighter.


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