God of War gets new CG Trailer
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We fight for greater purpose!!

A new TV commercial aired during Family Guy show for God of War. The trailer/commercial is savage, beautiful and Epic, the new trailer shows Kratos taking on behemoth beasts alongside his son Arteus.

We also see Atreus firing what appears to be an electric arrow that stuns his opponents. And Kratos says to his son, “My son we do not fight because the world makes us fight. We fight for greater purpose. We forge into the unknown to fulfill the promise we made. No matter the darkness, nothing will stand in our way.”

The trailer wasn’t just randomly aired during an episode, in fact, Sony sponsored the Family Guy first ad-free episode. The trailer ran before and after the episode and there was no other singe ad but just Kratos fighting alongside his son making a new excitement among fans.

At the time of the promotion reveal, Asad Qizilbash, Vice President of Marketing for PlayStation, talked up the promotion, and how important it would be for the game and the PlayStation brand.

“This format, verses buying a 30-second ad unit, is appealing as it creates an event feel and offers a more unique approach on how we reach existing andnew fans,” said Asad Qizilbash. “The more we are able to eventize media buys,the bigger impact we see to present PlayStation as a leader in gaming content.”

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