God of War: The Leviathan Axe
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Devs at Santa Monica talks about the new Leviathan Axe

This year Kratos will fight without his iconic weapon  “Blades of Chaos”, instead of this he will be wielding a new weapon; the God of War Leviathan Axe. The dev of God of War at Santa Monica explains why they have changed the iconic God killing blades with an Axe.

The Leviathan Axe

The team at Santa Monica explains that they have done everything they could with the Blades of Chaos in the series and it’s time to bring something new.

Director Barlog Cory says that he knew he needed to do something very different for this installment of God of War. In spite ofthe Blades of Chaos being such an important part of the original games, the Leviathan Axe needed to be introduced.

“We knew we had to change the weapon as well. We had to bring something new to the table. The Blades are extremely iconic, everybody expects this; everybody knows this.

There’s not a lot you can do new with it without going super extreme, right? So to make a nice big change, I think will have a greater weight, a greater impact.”

Primarily, the problem faced with the Axe was with design of its functionality. The first idea was to throw the Axe but as one dev says

 “There was always this animation of Kratos throwing the axe that seemed like it would be cool but it would be like,well, he’s going to throw his weapon away. What use is that going to be? Is this going to be gone? You’re gonna have to go pick it up.”

Finally it was suggested that Kratos can recall his Leviathan Axe after throwing it and it would return to him like Thor’s hammer.

Upgrading the Axe Devs at Santa Monica explains that in previous games Kratos’ spells and weapons was upgradable but it was limited to simple, linear upgrades that deal more damage and occasionally provide some new combos. But this time Santa Monica gave a little boost in progression and introduced Brok and Sindri who are two dwarven blacksmiths. They can upgrade the Axe’s size and improve the handle. The upgrades will bring different skills and moves for Kratos.

The difference in God of War is that you’re able to mix and match Kratos’ abilities to suit your playstyle.

“One attack might just be a giant frost wave that doesn’t do a lot of damage but does slow them down and make them easier to fight.

Another one might have Kratos just spinning rapidly with his axe, very close-range, multi-hit, high damage.

Depending on if you like being up close to enemies or far range, basically, there’s a runic attack for you.”

Players will be able to discover all the secrets of Kratos’ new axe when God of War releases April 20th.


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