GTA V sets a new sales record
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GTA V has sold over 90 million units worldwide

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Grand Theft Auto V has proved to be the unstoppable bull in the market.  Rockstar’s GTA V has sold over 90 million units worldwide with its multiplayer component, GTA Online, being the largestdriver of consumer expenditure in the last quarter. GTA Online will see more content updates in the months to come.

The game is holding players’ attention worldwide for 4 years and is maintaining the thrust. "Looking at the numbers, and accounting for the PS3, 360 and PC versions, we can roughly say that more than one in three PS4 and XB1 [Xbox One] owners have a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5. The game is a must buy with a current gen console purchase," tweeted industry analyst Daniel Ahmad.

Take-Two give the credit of expansion to current generation consoles on market for the game’s success, as well as its vast audience of Steam players and modders. The game has sold 5 million copies between May and November and maintained the pace of another 5 million over holidays.

The company has also said that the game has exceeded expectations, and has become the biggest contributor in terms of recurring consumer spending, with folks still investing in Microtransactions

Chief executive officer Strauss Zelnick again reaffirmed that the Grand Theft Auto Online portion of the game will continue to receive new content on a weekly basis, since that’s still a popular component of the game. And that support will continue, even as Red Dead Redemption 2 nears its October 26 release date for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

"We are expecting another record year for Grand Theft Auto Online," Strauss Zelnick said on an earnings call. "Everything is going better than expected and we do have pretty high expectations." 


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