Heads up on the Death Note characters in Jump Force!!
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The game are going to feature characters from Death Note

With the announcement that has awestruck every manga loving gamer, the announcement of Jump Force the biggest mystery that circles around the matter now is- What was on the Earth were Light and Ryuk doing? – are they just watching the action or are they gonna indulge themselves along with the Death Note.

This scene has caught every ones attention and most of the people are wondering just what are the two characters doing on the roof top? As the scene might suggest there is more in the story then just worlds colliding. In an interview Bandai Namco Producer Koji Nakajima at E3 shed a little light on what may be going on the roof.

Nakajima pointed out that they are there for story. ”Right, not everyone is suited to fighting, but might have a part in the story. The question of how these universes came to ours will involve characters who aren’t necessarily selectable who are used to hitting each other.” Well that is for sure that Light and Ryuk won’t be heading to battle.

So the characters are not fighting but crucial to the story in the game. With the brains of Light Yagami and his death note and Ryuk the game is bound to become better.


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