Hitman 2 's first Elusive target Sean Bean
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Take on Former MI6 agent , who is now one of the top of 47's game

Agent 47 has been given 14 days to take out Sean Bean… yes IO interactive introduced the first Elusive target in the series. And the players will go against a former MI6 agent who goes by the name “Mark Faba” and is righteously called “The Undying”. Faba is played by the GOT actor Sean Bean.  

 But here’s a catch like most of the elusive characters you will have to jump in the action in a few days to go against him. There is no room for mistakes, Literally going against this guy is one shot and if you miss or mess this opportunity you may never be able to go against him again. So you’ll want to look over your strategies carefully and not jump the gun.

 The man players will go against one the big fishes of the assassin’s pond. Faba took up freelance assassin job after being “killed”by a rival agent more than a dozen times. He too knows the game, making him all the more hard target.

 Going against Faba need planning and one of 47’s associated gave information on the whereabouts of Faba, Miami. Getting briefed on a potential target.

 Game has always been about disguise and planing.going for a right disguise maybe of a staff member or get your hands on a sniper and go to a vantage point. Or maybe climb in through an elevator shaft, and get access to a weapons room where you can sabotage a number of items, such as a detonator that goes off by “accident”.     


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