In The Dog House out for android
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A lovable game for Dog-lovers and puzzle fans, In The Dog House has been launched for android.

Nitrome games is out with another game In The Dog House, an adorable pet puzzler. All you have to do is take care of your dog as go on completing puzzles. You have to rearrange the rooms of your house to help your sleepy dog get to its bowl of food inside your house.

To arrange rooms you just have to swipe each room into an ideal position to clear the path for your dog. Similar to FRAMED or a tile-swapping puzzler, you can also spin tiles to create new paths which will compel you pet to investigate the area.

Progressing in the game will let you play with a bunch of other dogs. There is almost every breed in the game and you will be able to play with each of them by unlocking new toys. The game features over 50 mind boggling puzzles to complete which will ensure the survival of your pet.

The game targets both the type of audience , In The Dog House offers plenty of fun for dog lovers and puzzle fans alike. Head on over to Google Play to get it right now.


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