Microsoft Planning to launch Xbox games for Mobile devices!!
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If you want or are planning to buy a Xbox wait and think again as Microsoft is planning to put many of the Xbox game on your mobiles

Microsoft had a pretty awesome showcase at E3. The announcements of game like Halo Infinite, Gears 5 ,Fallout 76 and more, a new Xbox and the fact that Microsoft wants to put Xbox games on mobile devices. And their steaming is back on the schedule with the biggest of the developers. Microsoft launched Game Pass, it can be thought of as Netflix for games streaming service, just as PlayStation Now.

Microsoft is planning to put this Game Pass on your mobile phones, this big step will allow you to play a selection o fXbox One and 360 games wherever you are in the world and whenever you want.

If you throw in a controller with you Smartphone you will basically be carrying around a mini version of Xbox with you all the time. While it might not be a thing right now, the technology is feasible. Streaming devices don’t need fancy hardware, after all.

This can be a marketing stunt for the Microsoft to attract Xbox buyers or maybe it wants to expand its services to android as well. All in all this step will prove to be great for the ones who can’t or don’t want  to buy Xbox console.



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