Monster Hunter: World is collaborating with Final Fantasy XIV
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Get ready to taste wrath of Behmoth in Final Fantasy XIV

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter: World is collaborating with Final Fantasy XIV, which means players will be able to fight or hunt down Behemoth from Final Fantasy XIV who is the ability to summon meteors from the sky. You can see the beast make its impressive entrance to in the trailer below.

The trailer also shows Cactuar monster as well, popping out of the ground. It is not clear for now that whether the players have to fight these monsters or have to hunt them down. No further information about the collaboration has been provided such as other additional monsters, layered sets, weapons or armor, but we know Final Fantasy XIV is getting Monster Hunter: World loot, like a special raid, a Palico minion and some special emotes and it will arrive as a free update in summer 2018.

This type of collaboration is exceptional for Monster Hunter as Capcom is typically against letting monsters from other IPs into its games. One of the instances is with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker where the game allowed letting in the monsters like Rathalos and Tigrex but on the other hand Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, only got an armor set for the players.

Now Fans are happy and excited about this new form which Capcom has accepted and players will be finally get a chance to taste the thrill of monsters.


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