New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Shows Mini Games
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Showcasing Classic Disney inspired mini games

Square Enix has increased the hype for Kingdom Hearts III with its new Mini game trailer. The new trailer was posted to the official Kingdom Hearts channel on Youtube. The description of the trailer reads as "Originally aired at KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] Dandelion Meeting, this trailer reveals the new mini-games inspired by classic Disney cartoons and 1980’s LCD games that will be available to play in KINGDOM HEARTS III."

The trailer shows that Sora, Donald, and Goofy are looking down to a gaming console and playing some black and white classic Disney themed mini games. These are the mini games like The Barnacle Battle, The Karnival Kid, Giantland, and Musical Farmer which the players will be able to play within the game.

Apart from these mini games the trailer also shows some other plot details like place shown in the trailer looks like a town square which can be fromTranverse Town or Twilight Town. Sora is also shown talking to Hayner, Olette, and Pence who are Roxas’  friends back in Kingdom Hearts II. Fans are speculating that these characters may play some important role this time.

For now we can only speculate about the game and its plot and there is no word about the game’s release date from the developers but the game is set to be released for the PS4 and Xbox One some time this year.


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