Ninja and Marshmellow wins Fortnite Pro-Am
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After an epic battle Streamer Ninja and Dj Marshmellow won the tournament

The first Epic Games Fortnite Pro-Am is over now and the results are clear. Pro streamer Ninja and a DJ who wears a giant marshmallow mask on his head have won the event.

The tournament was held in Los Angeles at the Banc of California Stadium during E3. 50 pro Fortnite players teamed up with 50 celebrities to fight for $3 million charity prize pool as well as the Golden Pickaxe trophy.

The end was between Kenneth Faried and CouRageJD with Ninja and Marshmello in which Kenneth Faried was knocked out and CouRageJD was left at the bottom of a hill in a shrinking circle in a very bad position. Whereas on the other hand Ninja and Marshmello was sitting comfortably on a stable platform above. CouRageJD however was successful after spending all his ammo to put a dent in the fortress above but Ninja being one of the best player finished the job easily.

The prize of $1 million in winnings will be split between Ninja and Marshmello for their preferred charities. Every team in the competition, nomatter where they finished will also get a piece of the event’s prize pool to take home, with most of it going to the top 10 teams.

Here’s a look at the top finishers from Epic Game’s 2018 Fortnite Pro Am:


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