Pokémon GO starts Lunar Year event
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Pokémon GO announced Year of the Dog event

It seems that Niantic has decided this month to be a month of events as just after Pokémon GO Valentine day event Niantic launched another event in honor of Lunar New Year. The Year of the Dog event will last until 1 PM on February 17.

The new event will reward with three times more Stardust to the players who catches Growlithe, Eevee, Snubbull, Poochyena, or Electrike as theses all are “dog type” Pokémon or close to it since some players consider Eevee a dog instead of a fox and also the spawn time will also be increased. Furthermore, a shiny Poochyena has been added to the game which instead of dark grey fur has shiny golden fur.

Image result for poochyena shiny

With this event coming Niantic has also added Team Rocket and Team Rainbow Rocket outfits which can be purchased with in-game currency to make your playable character resemble a member from the classic villainous team from the original games.


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