Rainbow Six Siege: New Trailer Breakdown
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Who we are dealing with in new upcoming update? Is it zombies or something else?

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Ubisoft is giving a tough completion after its steady growth. With next development of “Operation Chimera” Rainbow Six Siege, is soon going to hit the market with new update. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter that is, for the most part, grounded in realism.

Ubisoft released a brand new trailer of its new ‘Outbreak’ mode as a free update to all Rainbow Six Siege on March 6. However, the trailer does not include game play and don’t show much but it is also cleared that we are not dealing with zombies as it was rumored.

On breaking and analyzing the trailer we see that a large comet hits the ground but later it is found that it is not a comet at all, it is some sort of space ship or pod. The trailer doesn’t focus on the spaceship but it definitely makes clear that it is not the zombies we are dealing with.

Furthermore, Mission Outbreak will run for 4 weeks concluding to 3rdof April. On the other side there is an early release also for only Technical Test Server starting on February 20.

The Outbreak can be played on three maps. Each map is enlarged as compared to player versus player maps. The only thing which makes a difference is that this time you have to defend a location from waves of enemies. Outbreak will also be playable across two difficulty modes – "Normal" and "Pandemic."

The Outbreak will be limited to 11 operators only. This is because to make certain best balance of capabilities that fit the mode. Among these is a new attacking Operator debuting this season, alongside Ying, Buck, Ash, and Glaz. The new defending Operator will also be playable in Outbreak, as well as Smoke, Kapkan, Doc, Tachanka, and the default Recruit.

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What do you think who is the enemy this time?

What do you think who is the enemy this time?


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