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Be the last Champion standing in Realm Royale!

Hi-Rez’s new Battle Royale game “Realm Royale” is now available in Steam Early Access. It is free to play with microtransactions but before trying it you can see it live in the middle of a 120-hour livestream which you can watch here.

And what makes this Battle Royale game different from others? Here you can use traditional Battle Royale weapons and Magical abilities. You can choose from various classes like Warrior, Mage, Hunter, Assassin or Engineer.  And guess what? Players turn into chickens when their health is depleted.

Here are the features for the game, straight from the Steam listing:

Choose your class. Forge a legend.

Explore a fantasy world in Realm Royale, the new Battle Royale inspired by the hit game Paladins. Are you an Assassin, a Warrior or a Mage? Choose your class, then loot fantastic weapons and magical abilities to create your own Champion. Stay ahead of the deadly fog by mounting up and moving out. Will you be the last Champion standing?

Wield Awesome Abilities

Choose from one of five classes before every match, each with its own game-changing abilities. Become a Warrior, chug a shielding potion, and leap into battle. Soar through the skies as a Mage, slinging fireballs. Take steady aim as a bow-wielding Hunter. Deploy turrets and shields as an Engineer. Or blink onto a rooftop and snipe your enemies as an Assassin.

Forge Legendary Weapons

Go traditional with shotguns and snipers, or embrace the fantasy with ice staffs, swords, and crossbows. If you want to win, you’ll need to craft Legendary Weapons at Forges scattered across the Realm. But be careful: While you’re crafting, your enemies may attack.

Mount Up. Explore the Realm.

Journey through the lush jungle of Jaguar’s Claws and the scorched sands of Goblin Gulch. Visit frigid Everfrost and iridescent Fungal Forest. The best part: you don’t have to walk around this massive Realm. Just summon your mount to outrun the fog and ride into your next glorious battle!

The Ultimate Team Royale

Call your friends: It’s time to squad up. Realm Royale is the first Battle Royale designed to be played in four-person Squads. Help your team by dropping a Healing Totem, or plant a Sensor Drone to reveal incoming enemies. Each class has strengths and weaknesses, but by working together the crown royale could be yours.


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