Release date for Kingdom Hearts announced officially !!
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The era of wainting is over for the fans of Kingdom Hearts as the game is announced officially.

Words are out finally that the game Kingdom Hearts III has an official release date and the much awaited sequel will arrive on January 29th, 2019 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It was somewhat of a soft revelation, the release date for the game was announced in the first Orchestra World Tour. A video was showcased which also indicated the inclusion of the Disney character Rattatouille.

Previously the game had a release date in 2018 but the waiting isn’t increased much by the shift of the date to early 2019. As the first information came ahead of Square Enix’s own press conference and the major platform holder press conferences, it’s expected that we’ll be hearing a lot more about Kingdom Hearts III before E3.

A number of confidential videos have been uploaded by Square Enix that are likely to be revealed in the days ahead. It won’t be a big surprise for us if they showcase trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3 at either the Xbox or PlayStation Press Conference, or both. Square have its own press conference is scheduled for Monday, June 11th at 10 AM PT.

Bach in May the revelation was made that the game will be featuring character from

Its been a long wait for the fans for the fans of Kingdom Hearts as it has been over a decade of waiting for Kingdom Hearts III.


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