Sony introduces X Mount for PS4 players with Xperia Smartphone
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1,000 player needed from Japan for testing

Sony has introduced its new gaming accessory for mobile “The X Mount” for Xperia Smartphones and PlayStation 4 console users which enables players to connect handsets to a DualShock 4 controller and allowing playing PS4 games via Wi-Fi with Remote Play streaming service.

Before X Mount Sony launched a similar Game Control Mount GCM10 but the main difference and draw back was its suction mechanism but the new X Mount eradicates this problem and comes with its sliding bracket.  It also has the lightbar display function to inform various status such as connection · chargestatus by lighting is easy to understand and convenient. It is a mount that will be a comfortable playing environment when playing games with Remote Play.

X Mount is set to be launched in June but the price for the console is not revealed yet. Sony is looking for 1,000 volunteers totest the console in Japan and improvising it on the given feedback. The registration process for testing will end on May 20 and the only qualification needed is havinga Xperia Smartphone along with a PS4 console.

X Mount supports a number of devices compatible withSony X Mount:

– XZ1
– XZ1 Compact
– XZ Premium
– XZs
– XZ
– X Compact
– Z5 Compact
– Z5
– X Performance
– Z5 Premium

Source: SonyJapan (translated)


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