Sony releases new trailer for The Last of Us II
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The trailer covers from Peacefull moments to brutal combat gameplay

Sony has revealed a new trailer for The Last of Us II during the PlayStation E3 2018 press conference featuring cut scene of Ellie and a male friend named Jesse being wallflower at a dance. The trailer starts with a cinematicallyin a Church like place where Ellie is with her friends Jesse and Nina for a slow dance. The trailer then just jumps to some years later gameplay where Ellie is stabbing a man in the throat in a rainy forest.

From there Ellie is trying to pass some enemies while combating them. She comes across to a man who is hanging to a street lamp and a man hanging another man and stabbing him. Ellie eliminates most of them with her bow and arrow but sooner or later she got spotted that’s when she takes down couple of people using their own weapons.

Some otherinteresting things were also noted by Reddit users like one of them commentedo n Nina’s bracelet:

"It's called a hamsa. Druckmann's referencing his Israeli roots with this, a ubiquitous symbol in the Middle East that often appears on jewelry and household items. It symbolizes the hand of G-d, a sign of protection, luck, fortune, etc., wards away evil. Like, you'd hang a hamsa charm on your front door to keep away negative energy, wear a hamsa charm on a necklace/keychain for good luck, and a lot of drivers have hamsa charms on their rearview mirrors for protection.

Pretty cool that Druckmann's tapped such a symbolic and deeply reverent part of Middle Eastern iconography for the sequel."

Sony announced The Last of Us Part 2 in December 2016 at PlayStation Experience. The original Last of Us was released in June 2013 on PlayStation 3. The company did not give a release window for now.


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