Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher Is Joining Ghost Recon Wildlands
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Bolivia, here Sam Fisher comes.

Ghost Recon Wildlands gang is getting a new member soon. Ubisoft released a new trailer showing Splinter Cell’s Sam fisher is teaming up with the squad. The teaser is for a special operation mission named The Call featuring Fisher aka Matchwood who is voiced by Michael Ironside, responding to a transmission from “Paladin.”

“Langley has sprung a leak and they need us to stick our thumb in it,” Paladin tells Fisher. “Brush up on your Spanish, you’re headed for Bolivia.”

“Look, I may need some extra firepower,” Fisher responds. “I’ve got friends in that neighborhood. Call the Ghosts.”

Ubisoft promised a "full briefing" will take place on April 9, which is Monday. The first of four planned Ghost Recon Wildlands "Special Operations," which Ubisoft unveiled earlier this week, gets underway on April 10.


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