Stickman Soccer 2018 is celebrating FIFA world cup!!!
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FIFA fan or gamer no matter who you are you will absolutely love the game and now its gotten even better!!

One of the most indulging mobile soccer based video game is unsurprisingly going to celebrate world’s biggest football tournament. To celebrate the launch of the World Cup every game from the tournament will be playable via the daily live game mode.

In this way you can pass your time when there is no match going on and stay strong towards your team to support it.

The game has gotten better by the launch of this update upon its stocky set of option. And now you can even tailor leagues the way you want, want to mix up national teams and clubs? - No matter! You can go loco with your team and build a dream team to conquer every match, well or just make as much as goals as possible.

There is also an addition of a large number of players to the transfer market mode which is already up to the neck, with French league sides now having been added.

Some gameplay feature also seemed to have improved including the AI of goalkeeper has improved considerably.

As the Turkish and Brazilian club sides to be added soon, Stickman Soccer 2018 is bound to become even better so hurry up if you are a FIFA fan or even a gamer this game is for both.


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