Tencent is working on a stunning RPG 'Code: Eve'
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There is no news for the game to be released in west

Tencent Games are working on a next generation RPG mobile game which has stunning graphics. Code: Eve, will be released by Zulong Entertainment. For now there is no news that the game will be release in west also.

Read the official description below:

Code: Eve" is a new generation of next-generation RPG mobile game released by Zulong Entertainment. The flagship game production team is assembled and deeply built by top engine manufacturer Epic Games. The UE4 engine technology capability is maximized to create a gorgeous and multi-national scene for this mysterious masterpiece. In the game, there are rich environmental changes such as day and night, rainy weather, etc., giving players a real feeling of being in the real world. 
"Code: Eve" is expected to be officially announced and opened in the second half of 2018. 

Game features: 
- Epic top UE4 engine for real-world scene interaction 
- integrated global illumination technology, film-level screen rendering 
- diverse weather environment changes, virtual reality extreme experience 
- powerful dynamic point source technology, constructing gorgeous multi-national scenes 


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