Top Free PC Games to Play
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Gaming has been rapidly growing after Covid-19 as more people are spending time at home. At the same time, you must be wondering about trying some good PC games to play with your friends and family. We have listed some popular games for PC that are absolutely free to play.



Firstly in our list, Valorant which follows the similar 5v5 concept of CSGO where you'll be playing attacker and defender in matchmaking. One thing that makes it different than CSGO is there are various agents in-game who has different abilities to fight with their opponents. The game is all about tactics, aim and skills. Valorant is free to play for all PC players.


Next in our list, the Action- stealth Hitman which is currently free by Epic games right now. You will be playing agent 47 throughout your mission, and your objective would be to eliminate your enemy. The game features rich details and great combat as the story takes you through various locations. You can get your free copy of Hitman by signing-in to Epic games.


Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter online shooter game which sets in futuristic warfare around solar systems and galaxies. Play CO-OP mode with your friends as the story is thrilling and cinematics is brilliant. It also has a PVP mode along with many DLC's. Moreover, you can pick any of guardian classes and customize them as you progress through your game. Destiny 2 can be availed from the Steam store.


Pubg fans are all across the world, and battle royale is still booming. Apart from pubg mobile, if you want to try pubg pc for free, then Pubg lite is best to get started. The game has all the similar elements like Pubg mobile as well as PC. However, PUBG lite is playable almost on any low-end Pc or laptop as the suggests. You can download PUBG lite from PUBG Lite official website.


Another battle royale game which offers fast-paced action FPS shooter. The high octane mechanism features various characters to select in-game who has abilities and powers. The game sets up in 3 Man squad matchmaking where players have to survive through the end of the circle. The movement is crisp, and the shooting mechanism is satisfying. The game is free to play for all console and PC.


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