VAMPYR: A Short Crisp review
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“VAMPYR Is beautiful and scary at the same time”

VAMPYR had got me excited right from the day its trailer was released. I was pretty much excited for the game to be released and the game was released a few days back. Yesterday, I had the chance to experience playing the game myself. I saw the game available so, I downloaded it and started with a quick play.  Let me tell you about the beauty of this game is its realistic type graphics which looks absolutely stunning and mind-blowing. I haven’t played a lot but the start gave me chills.

The dark scenes and the narrator makes you dive into the story deeply and get connected with it.

The game is from the creators of Life is Strange.



The Story

The Story

Jonathan Reid is a renowned doctor specializing in blood transfusions serving as a military doctor in the Great War before being attacked on a London street one night by an unknown assailant and transformed into a newborn vampire. Who his Maker is, no-one can say, but soon Reid is embroiled in a plot to find the source of the sickness and tries to figure out why a bunch of secret mystical orders are suddenly making a reappearance.

You can finish the game without consuming humans but then your abilities to level up will be thwarted and you will be incapable to level up any further.

You gain XP when you suck blood which will later help you in leveling up and upgrading new abilities and unlocking ultimate’s and other strong abilities.

As the story progresses each choice you make will affect the city. You can target anyone and whoever you target becomes your enemy. The player if eats any human can get memories of the one he killed which is also known as “Mesmerize ability” You also fight other strong vampires so level up quickly to defeat them.


Vampyr is a game that has been in development since long and though some don’t like it I absolutely loved the game. Played from third person perspective Vampyr is a story driven game action RPG game which attempts to take its root back to dark gothic horror in a medium in which you have to make choices in the game which gives you a chilling feeling as if you are the main character going through all this rather than the game character.

The character has the ability to wield melee weapons and ranged weapons like REVOLVER which you get early in the game in a house you hide.

The game has a slow start so if you prefer straight into action makes this isn’t for you. Though many won't like it since it’s a slow game which tells you the story it’s meant to tell and at the end of the day the tale is interesting enough to hook you up for hours playing and making choices.


The graphics are typically okay and you can set the setting to ULTRA to play in Ultra HD which makes the gameplay more interesting.



Check out A quick at Vampyr below and comment your thoughts on it


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