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“We will pay you to write Gaming articles for us even if you have never written any article before”


Everyone has a writer inside them but not everyone is capable of pulling it out but there are some who are in the process of doing it and this opportunity is for them who want to get help in pulling out their writing ability and transform themselves into published writers, Authors or Journalist.


Earlier here we talked about How to become a Game Journalist and today we are giving you an opportunity to hone your gaming skills into writing and reviewing skills and get the best out of it.

We all know opportunities never come they have to be created and so we at GameZoneHD have decided to create an opportunity for all the budding game writers who want to write about games without any restrictions and get paid in return. 



Why you should Work with Us?

There are so many reasons that will make you join Us at GameZoneHD and write freely.

Some reasons are stated below


  1. Work freely, no time issues- Unlike other writing jobs where you are given deadline here at GamezoneHD you don’t have to worry about it. Post whenever you like but you will have to meet the Target decided for you when you are selected.
  2. Hone your skills: As a writer you are getting a chance to write on whatever games you want and when you explore in deep you’ll hone your writing skills at advance level.
  3. Payments on Time: -You will get paid at the end of the month or 15th of the month as long as you complete the set target.
  4. Your ideas and suggestions will reach the other colleagues.
  5. You will benefit from different suggestions
  6. You will engage with other colleagues who share the same ideas and exchange knowledge.
  7. It could be another way to horizon your knowledge.
  8. It will give you pleasure to write about your experiences and knowing that your experiences are used in a different classroom.
  9. It will shine on your CV.
  10. It might give you another opportunities in the writing field.


The articles you write will be submitted by you, yourself which means it will never go into any dustbin and there’s ranking system too which means you can get encouraged to write better when your articles receive good views.

The best part about this website is that whatever content you see is written by various writers be it beginners or rookie’s. As long as you can write quality articles you are welcomed and here’s a bonus for you, If you have a blog or a Twitter account or a YouTube account, we'll let you advertise it on our website for free and send thousands of viewers there.

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you ready?

DO you think you have what it takes to be a Game Journalist?

DO you love exploring about news related to gaming and want to write your version on them?

Then apply today and get paid for what you write without anymore delay!

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