Deadpool2  2nd Trailer is Hilarious
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Second Deadpool 2 trailer and it is dope

Deadpool 2 which is set to release soon has now released it's 2nd trailer and the official title is now DEADPOOL 2.

The trailer starts with our own Deadpool running into the taxi of Dopinder being chased by not supervillains but some comedic looking people.

As Dopinder reels off Deadpool’s traits, we get a mini-montage of some far more violent goings-on -- beheadings, fighting in stiletto heels, all the usual stuff.

We also see DP’s girlfriend Vanessa who, after a quick misdirect where she looks unimpressed, is still clearly very much in love with Wade Wilson, even after all the scars and kidnappings.

Deadpool’s line about rounding up all the gluten in the world and throwing it into space is a nice nod to Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Except, ya know, with gluten instead of nuclear weapons.

Josh Brolin’s character Cable is after the still-unnamed “kid” played by Julian Dennison -- who you might recognize from Taika Waititi’s Hunt for the Wilder people.

Later in the trailer, we hear that Cable wants to kill the kid, not just take him -- given that Cable’s usual story involves coming back in time from the future to prevent an apocalypse, we’d make an educated guess that one version of the kid goes on to cause some serious mayhem.

Wade and the kid are both in the same luminous yellow overalls and, at various points in the trailer, are both wearing the same ominous-looking collars. Are we looking at a mutant internment camp of some kind? X-Men movies have certainly explored this concept in the past.

We also get a quick glimpse at the kid’s powers here -- we’ve seen in previous trailers that he seems to be the more fiery kind of mutant -- but not the scale of the destruction he can cause

Those scorched lines in the earth suggest fireballs have been thrown. It’s been speculated that Dennison’s character is Pyro -- who’s faced off against Cable in the comics before. Though Pyro has been seen in X-Men movies before, that’s not gonna stop the makers of Deadpool from creating their own version. Teenage Negasonic Warhead’s back, with a tall new hairdo, but Shioli Kutsuna’s new character is more mysterious. You can tell from her outfit that she’s officially part of the X-Men, and we’re guessing she's playing Surge, a Japanese mutant with the power to wield electricity. Deadpool also creates a team called X-force. 

Watch the trailer above!


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