Nintendo shares ‘Onimusha Warlords’ gameplay trailer
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Onimusha tells the story of samurai Samanosuke Akechi as he tries to rescue a princess in feudal Japan.

Earlier this year Capcom announced that it is bringing PlayStation 2 classic Onimusha for a new generation to enjoy, in the form of a Warlords remake. What’s more interesting is that samurai Samanosuke Akechi will be making its way to Nintendo Switch also.

Nintendo has posted a new trailer for the game, showing 2 minutes gameplay from the Switch version of the game and it looks really cool.

Read the official description from Capcom:


ABOUT The Hit Samurai Action Game 2 Million Units Sold Worldwide

Onimusha: Warlords was first released on PlayStation®2 in 2001. Its exhilarating sword-fighting action and intense battles against demons captivated players worldwide. That same masterpiece is making a comeback on current-gen consoles.

Japanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro, who played the voice of main character Samanosuke in the original game, also joined the project as a guest creator. The Japanese voices have been newly recorded, and the brand new soundtrack promises to be even more spectacular than the original.


STORY The War Between Demons and Ogres

Summer, Eiroku 3 (1560)

In an attempt to unify Japan, Yoshimoto Imagawa's army departed Suruga for the capital. But during their encampment at Dengaku Gorge in Owari Prefecture, Imagawa's destiny changed forever. With only 2,000 soldiers, Nobunaga Oda raided the Imagawa camp. This encounter is known worldwide as the Battle of Okehazama.

From atop a nearby hill, a young man named Samanosuke Mitsuhide Akechi watched this scene unfold. Samanosuke, who refused the beckoning of renowned warlords and traveled as he liked, was the nephew of Mitsuhide Akechi, who would one day be the leader of the rebellion at Honnoji.

It was only a year later that soldiers and servants began mysteriously disappearing at Inabayama Castle, the residence of Yoshitatsu Saito. Yoshitatsu's younger sister, Princess Yuki, sent Samanosuke a letter detailing these troubling incidents. Upon receiving her letter, Samanosuke rushed to Inabayama Castle.

However, Samanosuke was not prepared for his enemy. After a rough encounter with the demons, the ogre clan granted Samanosuke a powerful and mysterious gauntlet that enabled him to grow stronger with every demon he killed...

COMBAT Responsive and Exhilarating Sword Combat

Deadly Counterattacks

Just as an enemy is about to strike, unleash a well-timed slash to kill them with a single blow. This is one of many examples of Onimusha's intense sword fighting action!

Powerful Magic for

Tight Situations

Use magic to unleash powerful attacks.
Take advantage of three distinct weapons and their deadly attacks to overthrow the tides of battle!

Absorb Souls to Gain

Health and Power

Absorb and use the souls of defeated enemies with Samanosuke's special gauntlet.
Strengthen weapons and items, restore your health, and survive fierce battles!


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