The Elder Scrolls: Blades announced for mobile
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A massive first-person RPG with console quality graphics- Todd Howard

Bethesda has announced The Elder Scrolls: Blades for mobiles at E3 2018 press conference. Bethesda’s Todd Howard introduced the game tonight, describing it as “a pure Elder Scrolls game” and “a massive first-person RPG with console quality graphics.” The game will be free to play and will be launched in fall 2018.

You will play as member of the ancient order of the Blades Forced into exile, you seek refuge in your remote hometown only to find it reduced to rubble. Now, it’s up to you to restore your town back to its former glory.

Player will be able to combat enemies in melee as well using range abilities and spells. You can create your own character and bewho you want to be.

The game can be played in portrait mode as well as landscape. Todd says he wants The Elder Scrolls Blades to be released on multi platforms, including consoles and VR, so that players will be able to play across platforms.

The trailer looks quite beautiful. The light shines on the swords and shield looks very realistic. The environment of the game is of console quality showing every small detail. The game can be played inseveral modes. The Abyss which is a rogue like experience where players can fight for as long as they can. Arena which is a one on one real-time battle against other players. The main mode, the town, this is the hub for your story and your quest. You are member of The Blades, empires top agents. Now it’s upto you to rebuild and decorate the town as you like. As your town levels up you unlock new NPCs, quests and more you can even visit your friend’s towns.

This game will be the first Elder Scrolls role-playing game for mobiles. The predecessor The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a card game.

The game is still few months away, but if you wish an early access, you can sign up for the chance to be one of the first to try it at The Elder Scrolls: Blades website. . Signing up will also get you an exclusive in-game sword and helmet. Be quick though, as registration closes June 15. You can also pre-register from GooglePlay.


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